Design + Webflow

Worth The Fight Boxing (In Progress)

The Problem

Representing a new brand of an opening boxing studio in a way that is welcoming and premium; the site experience was meant to gather inquires for new members in order for them to sign up.

The Solution

The solution became a simple yet bold approach that encompasses all the brand elements that engages users and prompts new members to sign/learn about the gym.


New design, Webflow, CMS, Interactions

Live Project

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Live preview is not available as the project is still in development


The project began with a clean slate as there were only some brand assets ready to be included on this new website for an opening gym called Worth The Fight Boxing. One of the main priorities was to have a page that clearly expressed the brand's story and simple call to actions to acquire sign ups for new members.

The project started with lots of research and understanding the brand's story which then lead to inform the hierarchy, content, and design of all the pages. Through each part of the process there was a consistant round of feedback and tweaks that lead towards more direct refinements that stayed true to the goal.

Process (From the finish to the start)


Homepage experience

Subpage Tempalte

Mobile of a subpage

Micro-interactions for blog

Concept explorations

Early iterations and strategy framing


Early prototype

Visual inspiration

Setting the story for the content

Strategy and market research