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A Webflow obsessive no coder with a passion for designing  fresh digital experiences.


Los Montoya Design
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My process is trustworthy and rooted in a joy for collaboration, and creativity.
I design for iteration, functionality, and beauty to bring successful solutions.
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Some Work I’ve
Done Recently

Design + Webflow

Worth The Fight Boxing (In Progress)


Delivering A Better Mobile Experience With A Fintech Startup

Higher Education
Non Profit

Improving an engaging experience for a seminary

Personal Project
Daily Challenge

Challenging myself to ideate faster | Morning UI Part 1

Small Business

Crafting a unique & informative experience for a early biotech company

Very humbled to have worked with some wonderful groups of people

How I Solve Problems


Listen, Learn & Strategize

Before any execution, I want to learn all the parts to a brand’s story so we can form a clearer picture of what a solution might look like.

After understanding the story and goals, then we begin forming a strategy that will guide the design process towards achieving those goals.


Iterate Ideas Then Feedback

Now the fun begins, we iterate ideas that we think are potential winners that all take a shot at achieve our overall desire for the project..

After iterative ideas, we focus on feedback. Feedback that is aligned with our target strategy; then we git rid of the ideas that don’t make the mark close enough and go with one that does.


Refine, Polish & Test

We take the feedback with our chosen idea and begin to refine the idea so that it takes the design closer to it’s final form while always reminding ourselves of the alignment with the strategy.


Formulate A Plan


Make It Fresh

What You Can Expect

I get it. This could be the 100th portfolio you’re viewing. You’re still skeptical as far as what the reality of this can be.

Understandable, here are some of the qualities I bring to the table.

Transparent Communication
Excitement To Learn
Dedicated To Quality
Growth Mindset
A Positive Attitude
Focus On Business & User Needs

Let's Get Personal

I'm always pursuing to learn more and enjoying creative pursuits.

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