Who I Am

With roots in music, creativity has always been at the center of what I do. Now a designer, I love bringing creative energy towards any kind of projects

Sure, I am not your prodigy who has been drawing human figures since I was a newborn, but creativity has always flowed from my hands. For a while it was music and lyrics, now I am pursuing bringing creative solutions towards all kinds of challenges business/individuals experience currently.

Specifically, I have become really interested in designing creations for the web and digital products that create an engaging and impactful experience.

I am someone who is addicted to learning and deepening my skill to as it relates to design, and wants to give any type of collaboration my best. It’s all kind of like jazz in a way, there’s something always to be on top off but the outcome is always spicy.

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April 2019

What I Am Learning


  • – Deeper knowledge in typography
  • – Branding
  • – Growth design
  • – Advanced UI design


  • – Growth design
  • – Merging strategy and design
  • – Storytelling


  • – Modern Responsive Typography
  • – Accessibility
  • – Javascript