Delivering A Better Mobile Experience With A Fintech Startup

The Problem

Creating a site that aligned more with the brand and providing a high performing, engaging experience.

The Solution

A site experience that highlights the brand's attributes throughout all its pages within a modern layout. The performance was increased in using Webflow and providing nimble and simple transitions.


Site strategy, mockup iterations, custom graphics, design, development

Live Project

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The Collaboration

When Pamind reached out to me, they wanted a step forward to when it came to the look and feel, functionality, and performance of the site. They hoped for a modern vessel that would shine an attractive light within the info they wanted to inform their users about their product. I thought this would be a fun opportunity to help them out and allow their product to become more easily understood while making their brand presence memorable.

The Process

Before diving into wireframes, mockups, and build, I wanted to make sure I understood Påmind's story and hopes to when it came to what they were bringing to the project. I asked them some questions as far as their mission as company and who they are aiming for with their product, I also wanted them to give me references of some sites that are similar in the direction they would like to go.Then once we are on the same page, we strategized how we want the information to be structured on the homepage and set some guidelines of how the other pages should compliment the goal of the project.

Then came to wireframes with iterations where we discussed the layout direction and organization of content. Once we settled on a skeleton for the site I then I simple revised the styleguide they had initially and then included the design elements into the wireframes. After a couple more iterations of the mockups, I then took the designs and started to biuld the rest of the site in Webflow.

With Påmind's initial site, they needed to improve their site's experience to increase potential users attention. In order to do that, we went forward with a clean and refreshing experience with opportunities to learn more about their product throughout every page.

It was really important to have a high functioning site but also simply a good reading experience.