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When The Feed Stops

October 5, 2020

Unplugged From the Matrix

Thinking about the first day of this detox has brought some whacky realizations of how awkward it is to be disconnected from the soda fountain of social media feeds. My habits are under the spotlight as I attempt to find a deleted apps in moments of boredom or stress only to realize that I'm searching for nothing (as I have deleted them from my phone). It's weird to notice such an itch that has always been pacified throughout every minute of the day.

In the midst of this, I have felt way more less clogged in my mind. I can breathe without feeling like I need to distract myself from the weight of my breathing; new thoughts and ideas stir in my mind bringing a refreshing since of inspiration.

I'm looking forward to continuing exploring this openness of mind. I'm not going to lie, I miss aspects of what I was connected to through the social media apps; but for now, this experience is crucial for a kind of growth I'm needing in creativity and reflection.