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Filling Up Space

October 6, 2020

Good Rhythm Strives Off of Space

When I think of my days being social medialess, I think of how much more space is apparent throughout moments in my day. These moments of free space (attention up for grabs?) are usually opportunities I take advantage of to fill as much as possible with something to digitally consume; with every chance I find, it's irresistible to not fill it to remove that sense of free space.

It's become a common pattern, filling up as much space as possible. From advertisements in between tv segments or in between Youtube shows, to bingeable TV shows on Netflix; all are striving for filling up or taking away a lot of free space. I've realized how much under-appreciation I have had for this kind of space. Space to think, to observe, and to listen. It's almost awkward how foreign of an experience it can feel like but I find the satisfaction fills up the empty space inside of me that I'm always attempting to fill with social media.

If you think about Jazz, even if you don't know much about it, one of powerful factors is the implementation of rhythm. A lot of the powerful and moving rhythms are using free space (dedicated pauses in between musical notes); it creates a textural atmosphere that gives feeling and insightfulness.

I see these free spaces throughout my days a lot like Jazz and its rhythms. They are the grooves in-between tasks or responsibilities throughout the day. They are chances to bring a sense of texture and enjoyment to one's day, and shouldn't be tightly compressed into moments of scrolling through forgettable feeds–it doesn't create much interesting music.